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QASA Recognition Program

(Programs listed apply to US and Canada company operated stores only unless indicated otherwise)

The Quality Assurance Standards Audit (QASA) is one way to measure and drive continuous improvement on the execution of Starbucks food safety and cleanliness standards in our stores. The QASA recognition program recognizes stores that demonstrate an exceptional level of adherence to quality assurance (QA) standards and celebrates qualifying scores with no critical opportunities.

Nomination Process

Stores are identified via the EcoSure report. All stores that meet the minimum threshold will be provided with QASA recognition. Contact the Region or Starbucks Recognition for qualifying metrics for stores.


There are two cycles of recognition in the QASA recognition program. Awards and rewards for both cycles are the same.

  • QASA Award certificate for the store
  • QASA pins for each store partner

Stores with overall scores of 100% with no critical opportunities will also receive a $250 Visa Card that may be used for a store party or for individual store partner rewards.

Presentation Guidelines

Awards should be presented by district managers with the option of having regional directors or above participate in the presentation.