WOW Points Redemption

What are Wow Points?  How do I get them?  How do I use them?

Earning Wow Points via Recognition

Wow Points are a virtual on line currency that Starbucks awards to partners for exceptional performance and reaching milestone anniversaries (consecutive years of employment). Wow points can be used to purchase goods and services on the Starbucks Perks At Work Website   Visit the Performance and Anniversary Award sections of this site to view a full list of formal awards that come with Wow Points.

Canada Partners, we are currently working on a Canadian WOW Points experience for you. ETA for this to be introduced in fiscal year 2018.  If you experience any issues redeeming your Wow Points please contact the recognition team by sending an email to  We will take care of each of you on a case by case basis and will let you know your redemption options.


Additional Wow Points information

Each Wow Point is equal to $.01 (USD) and are deposited into partners accounts:

Anniversary Awards – the first day of the month that your anniversary occurs in.

Performance Awards – within 7 days of the receipt of  your performance award.

If recipients have a Starbucks work email or have a personal email on file with Starbucks, they will receive an email from Perks At Work alerting them to the fact that they have received WOW Points.  If you have received an award that comes with Wow Points and do not receive an email from Perks at Work send an email to with your name, partner number and award you received and when you received it and the recognition team will get back to you in 48 hours or less.

WOW Points do not expire as long as you work for Starbucks, Evolution Fresh and Teavana – upon separation you have 30 days to utilize your WOW points at which time they will expire.

For even more in for on WoW Points go here:


WOW Points as merchant loyalty points

WOWPoints are also loyalty points that you can earn and redeem when you shop through the Starbucks Perks at Work Website.

WOWPoints are issued by a coalition of thousands of merchants

You can earn and redeem on any WOWPoints merchant; you typically earn more points than in other programs, plus the points are on top of offers and discounts

You earn on top of most other loyalty Points your credit card or merchant may provide (excluding hotels)

WOWPoints are typically credited to your account within 7 days of purchase, and become funded and available for redemption within 30 days

You can redeem them without blackouts or restrictions, starting as low as 250 points ($2.50), even as a partial payment for any purchase

There is no price gouging and no limited catalogs when you Redeem; you can pick any merchant and buy anything you want at street prices

The amount that you earn varies by the retailer that you are purchasing from and the amount of the purchase.

For partners who have received recognition prior to 10/1/2016 and had Reward Beans or simply want to check if they have reward beans or wow points:

Unfortunately we don’t have a self-service method to check to see if you have any Reward Beans or work points.  We can check for you within 48 hours if you do the following:

Send an email to the recognition team at

In the email include the following info:

Full name as it appears on your driver’s license – no nicknames or shortened names, if your name is Elizabeth don’t use Liz or Beth!

Your partner number without the CA or US, also no leading zeros.       

The name of the awards that you received and the approximate month and year that you received it.

Once we have this we will let you know if you have any unused or unexpired Reward Beans and will provide you with your options for redemption.


Feel free to contact us with questions at